This is a valuable triad of typographic gems which are finally re-released, fully updated and upgraded. Designed by Vladimir Radibratovic, a foremost calligrapher, type designer and illustrator, these 3 script typefaces were recently revamped with full support for Latin, Greek and Cyrillic. Initially released between 2000 and 2003 they manifest a realistic human, hand-crafted touch. The nostalgic charm of PF Signskript, the unique vintage and rough appeal of PF Rafskript or the organic Mediterranean essence of PF Mediterra have all attracted attention to these popular typefaces for brands on the supermarket shelves, wine labels, packaging, quotes, stationery and vintage lettering.

Parachute’s recent type catalogue is by far a collector's item. Inspired by Pantone’s famous colour palette, it includes 75 PF typefaces in a total of 95 pages/cards. The catalogue incorporates elaborate printing and sophisticated embossed techniques or hot foil stamping on special papers, as well as a bespoke flexible typographic ruler (Typometer). It received a merit distinction from EBGE Awards 2019.