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Vibes 42 - PF Spekk


Intricate type design is out, simple letterforms are in. In the past few years our attention has moved away from complicated letterform designs back onto shapely simple forms and Parachute's latest release PF Spekk is an answer to this ongoing visual trend. A geometric variable typeface tastefully revived from early 20th century archives, Spekk encapsulates the sheer tension among squares, triangles, and circles at its core. Consistent throughout but yet unconventional when it comes to how it treats certain structural details. Variable, warm and versatile, it reads amazingly well both in print and on-screen.

"Perhaps the most romantic way of regarding typefaces is that they embody the unspoken messages in our words" reads the intro to IdN's v26n3 latest Typeface Design Issue in which Parachute is featured as one of the prominent type foundries in the industry. Meanwhile, the award-winning publication 'Marlet AntiManifesto', our XXL limited-edition typographic compendium for the release of PF Marlet, was presented in Novum World of Graphic Design highly influential design magazine conquers all.

Edgy elegance strikes gold. PF Marlet a.k.a. Parachute's latest humanist type system received an award at the recently announced Red Dot Awards 2020. Following a Certificate of Excellence from TDC New York, a distinction from Tokyo TDC and an award from European Design Awards, the trophies for this nonconformist, multifaceted, chic yet provocative type system keep on coming.