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Issue 38 - Grand Gothik Variable


Launched a few months ago as the first fully functional commercial multiscript variable font with 3 axes, PF Grand Gothik pays homage to the development of grotesque typefaces over the last two decades. Meant to reshape the type design industry and beyond, variable fonts are breaking new ground with typographers enjoying the freedom and flexibility to use a wide variety of styles, ranging in extremes to include everything in between. You are welcome to explore PF Grand Gothik in the dedicated microsite in all its variable, ultra versatile Grand glory and take advantage of a 50% summer sale.

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Cinematography is a limited edition 156-page flipbook which implements PF Grand Gothik and analyzes historically significant movie titles with 70 postmodern typographic images/posters, aiming to reflect and comment on cinematic content through type. Contrary to the traditional use of type in communicating written language, this 16:9 publication acts as a reference point on type’s creative implementation as a visual element in the (de)construction and communication of visual language. A collector’s item for designers and cinephiles alike.

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Let's celebrate Summer 2019 with a typeface which handles the demanding heat in type design. The Grand Gothik type system is ready to challenge the typographic future of variable fonts instantly. We celebrate the release of our first variable font ever with a special offer. Now for a limited time, buy any Grand Gothik family or the full package including the variable font with a 50% discount of the original price. This offer will only last till July 31st.

Summer Sale ends July 31st

PF Grand Gothik Extended

PF Grand Gothik Wide

PF Grand Gothik

PF Grand Gothik Condensed

PF Grand Gothik Compressed

PF Grand Gothik Full Pack (incl. variable)

Parachute’s new integrated type catalogue in the shape of a hand fan. Inspired by Pantone’s famous colour guide the new typographic catalogue includes a total of 75 PF typefaces. Elaborate printing and sophisticated embossed techniques on special papers were applied, whereas the covers were printed with white / black hot foil stamping and the catalogue’s shape was cut with round corners. The catalogue comes in 2 versions one with a white and one with a black cover. It received a recognition from EBGE Awards 2019.

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