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Issue 31 DIN Serif Arabic


DIN Serif was originally designed as a low contrast typeface with functional and distinct novelties. Its solid, simple nature directed the development of its Arabic counterpart away from the traditional calligraphic styles, towards a more simplified contemporary design mixing Naskh characteristics with early Kufi style. Its Arabic letterforms carry through the feel of the original design whilst several basic characters originated on paper after many tedious trials with a traditional calligraphic bamboo pen. This provided a deeper understanding of its structure and visual rhythm, before converting the letterforms into a digital form.

Back in 2007, Parachute® was the first independent type foundry to offer a diverse collection of more than 40 contemporary multiscript typefaces that supported simultaneously Latin, Greek and Cyrillic. The list included typefaces such as Centro, Champion Script, Beau Sans, DIN Text, Square Sans. Later on in 2010, we set a new standard by releasing the first-ever Arabic version of DIN. From then on, our commercial list of Arabic typefaces has expanded. So yes, we do speak and design Arabic.

Commissioned by the German agency Velvet, this bespoke Arabic typeface was exclusively designed for Albaghdadia TV

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