The brand new variable font for the future

04 Feb 2019

Parachute® enters the variable font industry with PF Grand Gothik. The postmodern, multiscript, multifaceted and ultra versatile variable type system, which pays homage to typographic styles found in American and European grotesques, was originally designed in 2017 as a bespoke typeface. PF Grand Gothik's includes 3 axes for weight, width and one for italics. Available as a variable font or as five separate OpenType families (compressed, condensed, normal, wide and extended with 9 weights spanning from Extra Thin to Black plus italics for each one of them), PF Grand Gothik supports an extended array of languages and scripts such as Latin, Greek and Cyrillic, an extended character set of icons, symbols and emojis and is complemented by its corresponding, non cursive, italics. An essential tool for web designers and developers alike, you are welcome to discover PF Grand Gothik’s variable format in our variable font's ultra-versatile dedicated microsite.