Parachute’s new catalog is full of awards

24 Apr 2019

We present you with Parachute®’s new integrated font catalogue in the shape of a hand fan. Inspired by Pantone’s famous colour guide the new typographic catalogue includes a total of 75 PF typefaces. With the use of elaborate printing and sophisticated embossed techniques on special papers including hot foil stamping, five award-winning Parachute® fonts are highlighted, forming the word AWARD when read from front to back. Furthermore, a flexible typographic ruler (Typometer) is included on the front pages of the catalogue, inviting typographers and graphic designers to step away from their screens and follow a hands-on approach to typography. Custom etched metal plates of 7mm were used for the embossed elements on the cover. The covers were printed with white / black hot foil stamping and the catalogue’s shape was cut with round corners. The catalogue comes in 2 versions one with a white and one with a black cover.