The Type that makes the Brand

16 Mar 2018

Our very own Panos Vassiliou was among the key speakers during the 4th annual Visual Communication Designers Meeting in Cyprus last Friday, March 3rd, where he talked about ‘The Type that makes the Brand’ and the strong impact that fonts have when they are part of a brand identity/design. "Successful brands build emotional links with their audience. Yet, when typefaces become part of the brand’s identity and design space, not only do they have a strong impact on how a brand is perceived, but they also trigger lasting associations and make it speak with a consistent, confident voice. Apart from being functional, type may be designed to portray an exciting visual language that signals a fresh start for an existing brand or for that matter a promising career for a new brand. The design of typefaces is a whole new science which involves research, marketing as well as psychology. In this presentation, three different case studies will be utilized to illustrate how bespoke type can be manipulated to carry enough character in order to express the brand’s personality and solidify its message.” The Conference on Graphic Design and Visual Communication, Graphic Stories Cyprus, aims for the cultivation of the artistic education and the development of critical perception about modern graphic arts both on local and on international level.