Featured in the new issue of Slanted Magazine

10 Sep 2012

The new issue of Slanted magazine is focused on super families (large typeface families) and their amazing range of variations. These families are characterized by a variety of cuts, which spread open to extremes such as Hairline to Ultra Black and Compressed to Extended. In addition, immediate relatives are also represented such as Sans Serif, Semi Serif, Slab, Rounded, etc. The new issue comes packed with numerous wonderful photographs, essays and reports. Besides several historic families which are featured, an eight page fold-out cover presents something really cool: a geneology of the best type super families, edited by Indra Kupferschmid. Finally, in a revealing interview by Peter Brugger, Panos Vassiliou from Parachute talks about his practice and his award winning superfamilies Centro Pro and Regal Pro.