Top 20 Fonts for the Web - Centro Sans

21 Oct 2010

.net is the world’s bestselling magazine for web designers and developers. In an upcoming article on the top 20 fonts for web design, Centro Sans Pro is selected to be on the list based on its impressive legibility and great looks. According to the article “Many superfamilies or type systems enable designers to mix serifs and sans serifs to achieve simultaneous consistency and contrast, and Centro is one such superfamily. It has been described as an ‘invisible’ typeface, where its single greatest attribute is its impressive legibility. The sans is strong and sturdy, with a large x-height and, quite simply, it looks absolutely great in use on screen”. Centro Pro is a complete type system which consists of sans, serif and slab superfamilies. In 2008 it received a Gold Award from the European Design Awards and another award in 2009 from the International Type Design Competition - Modern Cyrillic. The top 20 list includes other fonts such as Avenir, Helvetica, Bree, Proxima Nova, Meta, Clarendon, Georgia.