Parachute wins Silver at ED Awards 2010

28 Jun 2010

In the last few years ED Awards has been established as a major European venue which honors the best in the European design scene. Every year it is hosted by a different city and this year it was the main event which took place for 4 days in Rotterdam. The 4-day conference was followed by a formal reception at the City Hall and the ED-award ceremony. This year Panos Vassiliou of Parachute®  received -in the original typeface category- a Silver Award  for the superfamily Encore Sans Pro. It is the second time he is honored with an award from this establishment. Back in 2008, he received a Gold Award for his type system Centro Pro. In the same category this year’s Gold was given to Veronika Burian  of TypeTogether and another silver to Thomas Gabriel of TypeJockeys.