1000 Ideas by 100 Designers

25 Nov 2009

1000 Ideas by 100 Graphic Designers, published by Rockport Publishers, showcases work from a selection of today’s best designers while providing precious tips to the graphic design enthusiast. The book delivers a behind-the-scenes depiction of every project, providing a virtual instruction manual to the finished project and its creative, productive, and organizational framework. Panos Vassiliou was asked to participate in this book and provided 10 of his most valuable tips. The 1000 suggestions vary in form and function, from the theoretical to the practical, giving insights on new materials, techniques, and tools. The structure of the book represents a list of short and capturing practical advices "tips" by 100 graphic designers about their daily work. In this way the book is more about designing than design. Each conversation is provided with a short bio and a link to personal web page of featured designer.