Ornamental Treasures Featured in Slanted

05 Dec 2008

These Germans never cease to amaze us. The new issue of Slanted magazine which focuses on signs, symbols and ornaments, is once again a winner. This edition is filled with interesting interviews and names such as Hubert Jocham, PetPunk, Kurt Weidemann, Raban Ruddigkeit and Jan Middendorp, contributions from personalities such as the incredible Canadian designer Marian Bantjes who also designed the cover, visual essays and student projects. Symbol fonts from several foundries such as Smeltery, LucasFonts, 2Rebels, DutchFonts, Emigre, Outras Fontes, P22, Volcano Type and Die Typonauten, are also featured. In another section, “Fontnames Illustrated”, the German designers Pixelgarten illustrate Parachute’s ‘Ornamental Treasures and they come up with a very interesting spread. The last section of the magazine connects to its weblog. Here you may find often discussed entries, reader’s response and presentations of new fonts, books and magazines.