Parachute Appears in Typodarium

27 Nov 2008

Typodarium brings daily typographic inspiration to creative types around the world. This is the first tear-off calendar showcasing 365 different fonts. Discover a new font everyday, learn the background behind its creation and several other interesting details. Fifty foundries and designers from all over the world, including Parachute®, were asked to contribute with their favorite fonts. Typefaces like Beau Sans Pro, Centro Sans Pro, Champion Script Pro, Square Sans Pro and others are showcased. The result is a surprising insight into the inexhaustible world of letters and numbers. The front page, which is classic and functional, shows the date, while the reverse side diplays the background info, designers and reference sources. Typodarium is published by Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz in Germany. The calendar includes contributions from foundries such as 2Rebels, Canada Type, ds Type, Fontbureau, Fontfarm, Fontfont, Fountain, Magma Brand Design / VolcanoType, Mark Simonson, p22, Parachute, Type Together, Underware, URW++, Xplicit.