The Centro Pro Project. A Mixed Type System

05 May 2008

The Centro Pro Project started out as a small serif family of eight, but it grew to become the largest and most versatile set of related superfamilies. The result is a series of three families, Centro serif pro, Centro sans pro and Centro slab pro for a total of 40 weights. Each font contains 1519 glyphs and supports simultaneously Latin, Greek and Cyrillic. It is recommended for magazines, newspapers, catalogs and corporate identities. The project was initiated in 2005 with the intention to design a contemporary typeface with square-like characteristics, which would be legible and perform very well at small sizes, but at the same time create a striking effect at large sizes. This would eliminate the need to modify the letters (optical compensation) and create an additional version for small sizes. You may read the full article as posted on our blogspot by clicking here.