Selected Works



  • Landsbankinn
    Jónsson & Le'macks | 2011


    Landsbankinn is a leading Icelandic financial institution. In 2011, Parachute was commissioned to develop a special version of the PF Centro Series for Landsbankinn, which was licensed as a corporate typeface. Later on, we were asked to develop a series of web fonts of the same series with increased clarity, which was a result of special hinting and redesign techniques.

  • Wind
    Cream | 2010


    Advertising agency Cream was working on the new campaign for Wind, the third largest telecommunications company in Greece, when they asked Parachute to design a matching Greek version for Uni Sans. This was done under license from the original designer.

  • Corsair
    Dream On | 2012


    Parachute was commissioned by the French agency Dream On to improve typographically the new logo they created for the reputable airline company Corsair which was re-branded recently.

  • Aglaia Kremezi
    Direct | 2009

    Aglaia Kremezi

    Aglaia Kremezi is a well known journalist and writer whose bestselling recipe books are published in the United States and Greece. In 2009, Parachute was asked to design an exclusive decorated headline typeface for her books, as a better alternative to the one used before.

  • Free magazine
    Direct | 2007

    Free magazine

    Free, a popular 16-24 magazine, needed a strong headline font to accompany Litho Text, an older Parachute slab font which they were using for the magazine’s main text. Following a brief by its art director, Parachute developed a condensed slab series of four fonts which reflected the magazine’s vibrant and energetic audience.

  • Phi Lab
    Trivizas Design | 2011

    Phi Lab

    Phi is a new line of cosmetic products which was created to target an upscale and well educated market. Litho Text, an earlier Parachute font was redesigned and modernized in order to be used for all packaging and corporate applications.

  • Status magazine
    Direct | 2004

    Status magazine

    Status, the self-proclaimed “best Greek magazine”, was undergoing a facelift so Parachute was asked to design a heavy display typeface which was to be used for headlines and special subheads.

  • NEFF
    BSH Group | 2015


    Neff is a German manufacturer of high-end kitchen appliances headquartered in Munich, Germany. Parachute was commissioned to design a compressed grotesque typeface with a handwritten flavor for their new 2015 campaign.