Selected Works

  • Goody’s Restaurants
    Mouse Graphics | 2006

    Goody’s Restaurants

    Goody’s, the largest chain of fast food restaurants in the Balkan area, was introducing its new line of fresh salads, so Parachute was asked to do a series of lettering applications based on its logo. Eventually this lettering will evolve into a corporate font.

  • Alpha Bank
    DDB Athens | 2009

    Alpha Bank

    The Alpha Sans typeface is a neutral typeface with increased clarity and can be used on a wide variety of signage and text applications. It was commissioned by Alpha Bank and is not available for download.

  • Design Greece
    Mouse Graphics | 2010

    Design Greece

    Design Greece (gr) is an organization which was created under the auspices of the Hellenic Foreign Trade Board, to promote the best of Greek design. Parachute was asked to create a distinct 3-weight typeface to be used in all the internal and external communications of the organization.

  • Smart
    Euro RSCG | 2003


    Smart is a German manufacturer of microcars which belongs to Daimler AG. Back in 2003, its advertising agency Euro RSCG was working on Smart's new campaign when they asked Parachute to design a matching Greek version of its corporate typeface, altogether in four weights.

  • Kraft Foods
    Ogilvy One | 2009

    Kraft Foods

    The new campaign for Kraft’s 3Bit chocolate bars was under way and Parachute was invited to collaborate in the development of a font which would brand the specific product. This custom font reflected the streetwise nature of a fictitious MC character which was created for this campaign.

  • Nero
    F/M Design | 2008


    Nero, the software company, had some very strict print and onscreen requirements for its new fonts. Parachute was commissioned to develop two different grotesque fonts, for which manual hinting was applied as well, in order to achieve the right onscreen clarity.

  • Embraco
    InterBrand | 2010


    Embraco is a global company with factories in Brazil, Italy, China and Slovakia. Going through an identity update, Embraco and its agency InterBrand commissioned Parachute to create a modified version of Beau Sans Pro to communicate their refreshed corporate identity.

  • Sonos
    BMD | 2011


    Sonos makes sensational music systems, a company which has reinvented home audio for the digital age. In 2011, BMD of Toronto redesigned Sonos' corporate identity and Parachute was asked to license a revised version of PF Handbook as its corporate typeface. At the same time a set of webfonts with increased clarity was developed which is used throughout its official website.