Corporate Fonts for Living Brands

In an emerging global market, all major companies invest heavily on corporate branding and design as a means of differentiating themselves from competitors. A corporate typeface is equally important as it greatly influences the unconscious perception of the anticipated target audience. It reflects the essence of the brand, creates a consistent visual identity which strengthens the product and projects an attractive and easily perceived personality.

For over a decade, Parachute has provided custom and corporate font services for high profile customers such as Ikea, Kraft Foods, Hella, Electronic Arts, Nero, National Bank of Greece, as well as publications such as Financial Times, Grazia, National Geographic.

Our specialists have many years of experience not only in type design, but advertising, publishing and programming as well. Understanding the parameters which drive perceptions, is an important factor for our team in creating custom typefaces for living brands.



Here at Parachute, we offer “real market” solutions which are far from academic. We examine and implement solutions which are influenced by societal forces, current trends, heritage or cultural issues, target audience and competition.

When a complex script such as Greek, Cyrillic or Arabic is being considered, it is crucial to create a typeface which reflects local market trends and culture. Otherwise, it may be outdated, rejected and eventually forced to oblivion.

Over the years we have designed a large number of high-end commercial and custom fonts for complex scripts, which have received various awards. Parachute was the first independent type foundry to offer a diverse set of contemporary typefaces supporting simultaneously Latin, Cyrillic and Greek.


We humans form relationships with products and services for the same reason we form relationships with people. The formation of a relationship depends on how useful, usable and pleasurable the experience is. Likewise, the visual personality of the typeface and its association to certain emotions, is important when it comes to attracting the right audience. At Parachute, we have developed a model which incorporates emotional type design as part of our creative process. It is important for us to create typefaces that sell brands and reflect the real corporate identity of our clients. At the end, it comes down to how appropriate, attractive, legible and useful the final typeface is.



We offer the following font services based on your specific needs:
1. Original custom design (typefaces designed from scratch)
2. Custom design based on an existing typeface
3. Additional complex scripts and extended typographic support
4. Custom design for diverse environments (fine-tuning of the font’s parameters for newsprint, signage, mobile and other related on-screen applications)
5. OEM Solutions (product related licensing)
6. Customized Corporate fonts
7. Special Lettering

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“The visual personality of a

typeface and its association to

certain emotions is important

when it comes to attracting

the right audience...”